Steve Cassap

It was 1978 when a young Steve Cassap first laid eyes on a BMX bike. A keen motorcross rider, he and his mates soon fell in love with BMX bikes, making jumps in back yards and parking lots, simply hanging out and having fun. Steve took up racing when the first BMX tracks appeared in Victoria, but it wasn’t on the track that got him attention - instead, it was what he was doing off the track that did. 

Freestyle BMX riding had not officially been invented yet. Originally known as “trick-riding”, Steve had a natural ability to launch his bike and do amazing aerial tricks. These tricks soon caught the eyes of the publications who were now multiplying and looking for anything new they could get their hands on. Although Steve didn’t realise it at the time - he was pioneering Freestyle riding in Australia.

At the same time as his trick riding career was taking off - Steve was already quite the entrepreneur. He studied the American magazines for products and quickly realised that there was a huge market in number plates. At just 17 years of age, and a small amount of cash, Steve began producing custom made number plates - all made by hand - on his bedroom floor. He cleverly handed them out to many of the top pro riders who were quickly seen sporting his unique designs - and sales quickly took off.

To assist in promoting his products, Steve began doing freestyle shows in carparks and shopping centres, at major BMX race meetings and scored feature spots on ABC prime time television shows. He sponsored his own BMX race team, and In 1983 he joined BOB Haro - as the first internationally sponsored Haro Freestyle rider. In 1984 they would tour Australia performing shows together, further promoting Steve and the CASSAP brand.

This brand quickly became an Aussie BMX icon - with CASSAP plates being used by World Champions and countless Pro riders. Steve’s designs were unique and innovative. His fold-over strap design would go on to be copied by some of the largest international brands and was hugely popular throughout the 1980’s.

Steve was inducted into the Victorian BMX Hall Of Fame in 1993 and it is with great pleasure that we induct our very first Freestyle rider and first Industry icon into the Australian BMX Hall Of Fame. 

Ladies and gentleman please welcome - Steve Cassap.


Tracey Kosikowski

Tracey Kosikowski began racing in 1979 and competed in the earliest State and National Titles, including the first Unofficial National Titles - called the Big Plate Series. Tracey pioneered junior female racing, and quickly caught the attention of sponsors, riding for SE racing and GT Bicycles. Although she almost always ran her career number of 84 on the plate - it was Number 1’s that she quickly began piling up in the trophy room at home. 

Racing in America has always been the dream for many Aussie riders.  In 1982 when Aussies began venturing to the USA for race experience, Tracey went too - not for experience - but to dominate the locals, winning the Murray NBL World Cup and War of the Stars. In 1983 she continued her International success when she was also amongst the first Australian World Champions, winning the 12-13 year girls IBMXF World plate in Holland.

Back at home - Tracey was unbeatable, dominating her home state of QLD and racking up National wins in 1983, 84, and 86 before retiring from the sport at the top of her game. Throughout her career, she would feature regularly in the media with numerous newspaper and television appearances.

In 2000, she was honoured with an Australian Sporting Achievement Medal and is also a life member of the Redlands BMX Club, a club with a rich history, and success, thanks largely to the calibre of riders such as Tracey.

Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Hall Of Fame Inductee - Tracey Kosikowski.

 Career Highlights

1981 - #1 QLD, #1 Australia Intermediate Girls
1982 - #1 QLD, #2 Australia 12 years
1983 - #1 QLD, #1 Australia 13 years, #1 World (IBMXF) , 1st place War of the Stars, 1st Marray World Cup
1984 - #1 QLD, #1 Australia, #3 World
1985 - #1 QLD, #8 Australia
1986 - #1 QLD, #1 Australia

1982 - John Golby Sportsperson of the Year Award - Redlands
2000 - Australian Sports MedalLife Member of Redlands BMX Club.

Andrew Figliomeni

In terms of Champions, Western Australia has produced some of the most successful BMX racers in Australia. BMX may have caught on a little later than the eastern states, but this didn’t stop many Western Australian’s invading the podium at National Titles in the early 80’s. 

A young Andrew Figliomeni began racing in 1979 at his home track of Westside. Along with his older brothers, the Figliomeni name quickly struck fear in the mind of every Australian rider they came up against. By the age of 7 Andrew was absolutely dominating his age group.  He would be unbeaten in his home State, winning no less that 8 State Titles in a row. At a National Level he would dominate his age and cruiser class with 7 National #1 Titles. 

But it wasn’t just at home that the name Figliomeni was feared. It was on the World Stage that Andrew would stamp his true mark on BMX. He was one of Australia’s first World Champions, winning dual World Titles in Holland in 1983, again in 1984, a cruiser world title in Canada in 1985 and again winning his age class in England in 1986 - bringing his World Number 1 Title Tally to 5. Andrew Figliomeni was an immensely respected competitor - all around the world - he was literally unbeatable on a BMX bike.

Andrew would be sponsored over much of his career by Kuwahara Bicycles, and would appear on numerous television news stories, promoting the sport of BMX around the country. His world title wins would inspire a generation that followed, and he was without doubt the most successful male rider of the 1980’s.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Hall Of Fame Inductee - Andrew Figliomeni.

Career Highlights

1982 - 8 Boys #8
1983 - 10 Boys #2
1984 - 11 Boys #1, Jnr Cruiser #4
1985 - 12 Boys #1, Jnr Cruiser #8
1986 - 13 Boys #1, Jnr Cruiser #1
1987 - 14 Boys #1, Int Cruiser #1
1988 - 15 Boys #1, Int Cruiser #7

1983 - 10 Experts #1, Open 8-10 #1
1984 - 12 Experts #1
1985 - 13 & U Cruiser #1
1986 - 13 Experts #1
1987 - 14-15 Cruiser #4



Sam Willoughby

It could have been a perfectly scripted come and try BMX advertisement - the day a young Sam Willoughby came home from school with a flyer to try out BMX at his local track in his home state of South Australia.  Sam quickly took to the sport and rose through the ranks to stamp his mark on what was to be the start of one of the greatest BMX careers, Australia has ever seen.

By age 10, Sam had won his first national championships, as a junior Elite Sam would win back to back world titles, as well as his first USA AA Pro wins. From that point on Sam was the man to beat - taking out the UCI World Cup Series, Elite Men World Champion, ABA National Number one Pro and more National Elite Mens titles.

In 2012 competing in his first Olympic Games, Sam rode to claim the Silver Medal - Australia’s only ever Olympic Medal in BMX. Sam would continue his dominance at the Elite Level, winning another UCI World Cup Series, Golden Crankset Pro of the year, Nora Cup Pro of the Year, USA BMX national #1 Pro and racking up some of the largest winning streaks ever on the USA PRO circuit. 

At the 2016 RIO Olympics, Sam dominated the heats and looked unbeatable for the Gold - but it wasn’t to be, missing out on a medal - but doing Australia immensely proud with his achievements.

Just weeks after the RIO games Sam would suffer a career ending injury. As the BMX world held their breath waiting for news - Sam took on his toughest challenge yet, going through intensive therapy on a long road to recovery. His determination and willpower were nothing short of incredible, with Sam drawing on his champion qualities to achieve his goals, including walking his amazing wife Alise down the aisle at their wedding. Sam has now embarked on a new chapter of his BMX career - as a coach, passing on his valuable knowledge and no doubt, his competitive nature. More recently Sam has taken to the public speaking circuit as a highly sought after guest speaker. One thing is for certain - Sam will be the best at whatever he does, and wherever it takes him.

Ladies and gentleman please give the biggest welcome to Australian BMX Hall Of Fame Inductee - Sam Willoughby.

Career Highlights

2001 - 10 Boys #1A
2002 - Mighty 11s winner, 11boys #8A
2003 - 12 Boys #1A, World 4 12 boys
2004 - 13 Boys #3A
2005 - 14 Boys #2A
2006 - 15 Boys #3A, Word 3 15 boys
2007 - 16 Boys #1A, Probikx Series champion, Junior Elite Oceania Champion Japan
2008 - Junior Men #1 A, W1, First Career USA AApro won ABA grands, Junior Elite European Championships Winner
2009 - Junior Men #8A, W1, UCI World Cup Overall winner Elite Men, South Africa Word Cup Winner Elite Men, Frejus World Cup Winner Elite Men
2010 - ABA National Number 1 AA Pro, Madrid Word Cup Winner Elite Men, Elite Men World Cup Number 2 overall, Elite Men World Number 4
2011 - Elite Men #1A, ABA National #2, Elite Men World number 4
2012 - Elite men W1, Olympic silver medal, USABMX National #1 Pro, World Cup Over All Winner Elite Men, Golden Crank Pro of the year, Nora Cup Pro of the year
2013 - USABMX National #1 Pro, USABMX AAPro consecutive wins record (13 in a row), Golden Crank Pro of the year, Chula Vista World Cup Winner Elite Men , Nora Cup Pro of the year
2014 - elite men W1, time trial W1, USABMX National number 2 AAPro, Golden Crank Pro of the year, Papandal World Cup Winner Elite Men Chula Vista, World Cup Winner Elite Men
2015 - USABMX National #2, Elite Men World Number 7
2016 - Olympics 6th, USABMX National #2 AA Pro, Nora Cup Pro of the year

Tai-Lee Muxlow

Tai Lee Muxlow began racing in 1981 at her home track of Cardiff in NSW. Who would have known that this little pocket rocket would become one of the most successful Australian BMX racers of all time. Tai-Lee instantly got a taste for winning, and would start one of the most iconic winning streaks in BMX. Throughout her career in the sport, Tai Lee would win no less than 13 number 1 State Titles, 9 National Number 1 Titles and in 1990 she finally added a World Number 1 to her impressive tally. She was without peer, absolutely dominating her class on the track. 

Tai-Lee didn’t just have the stuff of champions - she had it in spades. Most often she would be out in front and untouchable - but true champions emerge when they are faced with an impossible challenge. In 1990 at the National Open Womens Final, Tai-lee found herself in 7th place after a bad start. With little passing opportunity on a tight track- it seemed her title defense was all but lost. But in true champion style, Tai-Lee fought her way back one position at a time to finally claim the win right on the line - electrifying the crowd who were in awe at what they had just witnessed.

 With her champion qualities on and off the track, Tai-Lee was a sponsors dream.  SE racing supported her early career before she was picked up by GT Bicycles as part of the highly successful team that dominated the 1980’s and 90’s. Throughout her career, She would promote the sport through regular newspaper, magazine and television appearances. 

 After BMX Tai-Lee would go onto to dominate the Mountain Bike Scene Winning more National Titles and in 2002 was crowned Australian FEMALE MOUNTAIN BIKE CYCLIST OF THE YEAR. Tai Lee Muxlow is arguably amongst the most successful cross disciplined cyclists Australia has ever produced.

Ladies and Gentleman, please give a huge round of applause for Hall Of Fame Inductee - Tai-Lee Muxlow.

Career Highlights

1 x World Title (W1): 1990
9 x Australian National #1 Titles
13 x State Titles
2002 Female Mountain Bike Cyclist of the Year


SE Racing
GT Bicycles

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