Sam Willoughby

It could have been a perfectly scripted come and try BMX advertisement - the day a young Sam Willoughby came home from school with a flyer to try out BMX at his local track in his home state of South Australia.  Sam quickly took to the sport and rose through the ranks to stamp his mark on what was to be the start of one of the greatest BMX careers, Australia has ever seen.

By age 10, Sam had won his first national championships, as a junior Elite Sam would win back to back world titles, as well as his first USA AA Pro wins. From that point on Sam was the man to beat - taking out the UCI World Cup Series, Elite Men World Champion, ABA National Number one Pro and more National Elite Mens titles.

In 2012 competing in his first Olympic Games, Sam rode to claim the Silver Medal - Australia’s only ever Olympic Medal in BMX. Sam would continue his dominance at the Elite Level, winning another UCI World Cup Series, Golden Crankset Pro of the year, Nora Cup Pro of the Year, USA BMX national #1 Pro and racking up some of the largest winning streaks ever on the USA PRO circuit. 

At the 2016 RIO Olympics, Sam dominated the heats and looked unbeatable for the Gold - but it wasn’t to be, missing out on a medal - but doing Australia immensely proud with his achievements.

Just weeks after the RIO games Sam would suffer a career ending injury. As the BMX world held their breath waiting for news - Sam took on his toughest challenge yet, going through intensive therapy on a long road to recovery. His determination and willpower were nothing short of incredible, with Sam drawing on his champion qualities to achieve his goals, including walking his amazing wife Alise down the aisle at their wedding. Sam has now embarked on a new chapter of his BMX career - as a coach, passing on his valuable knowledge and no doubt, his competitive nature. More recently Sam has taken to the public speaking circuit as a highly sought after guest speaker. One thing is for certain - Sam will be the best at whatever he does, and wherever it takes him.

Ladies and gentleman please give the biggest welcome to Australian BMX Hall Of Fame Inductee - Sam Willoughby.

Career Highlights

2001 - 10 Boys #1A
2002 - Mighty 11s winner, 11boys #8A
2003 - 12 Boys #1A, World 4 12 boys
2004 - 13 Boys #3A
2005 - 14 Boys #2A
2006 - 15 Boys #3A, Word 3 15 boys
2007 - 16 Boys #1A, Probikx Series champion, Junior Elite Oceania Champion Japan
2008 - Junior Men #1 A, W1, First Career USA AApro won ABA grands, Junior Elite European Championships Winner
2009 - Junior Men #8A, W1, UCI World Cup Overall winner Elite Men, South Africa Word Cup Winner Elite Men, Frejus World Cup Winner Elite Men
2010 - ABA National Number 1 AA Pro, Madrid Word Cup Winner Elite Men, Elite Men World Cup Number 2 overall, Elite Men World Number 4
2011 - Elite Men #1A, ABA National #2, Elite Men World number 4
2012 - Elite men W1, Olympic silver medal, USABMX National #1 Pro, World Cup Over All Winner Elite Men, Golden Crank Pro of the year, Nora Cup Pro of the year
2013 - USABMX National #1 Pro, USABMX AAPro consecutive wins record (13 in a row), Golden Crank Pro of the year, Chula Vista World Cup Winner Elite Men , Nora Cup Pro of the year
2014 - elite men W1, time trial W1, USABMX National number 2 AAPro, Golden Crank Pro of the year, Papandal World Cup Winner Elite Men Chula Vista, World Cup Winner Elite Men
2015 - USABMX National #2, Elite Men World Number 7
2016 - Olympics 6th, USABMX National #2 AA Pro, Nora Cup Pro of the year

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