Andrew Figliomeni

In terms of Champions, Western Australia has produced some of the most successful BMX racers in Australia. BMX may have caught on a little later than the eastern states, but this didn’t stop many Western Australian’s invading the podium at National Titles in the early 80’s. 

A young Andrew Figliomeni began racing in 1979 at his home track of Westside. Along with his older brothers, the Figliomeni name quickly struck fear in the mind of every Australian rider they came up against. By the age of 7 Andrew was absolutely dominating his age group.  He would be unbeaten in his home State, winning no less that 8 State Titles in a row. At a National Level he would dominate his age and cruiser class with 7 National #1 Titles. 

But it wasn’t just at home that the name Figliomeni was feared. It was on the World Stage that Andrew would stamp his true mark on BMX. He was one of Australia’s first World Champions, winning dual World Titles in Holland in 1983, again in 1984, a cruiser world title in Canada in 1985 and again winning his age class in England in 1986 - bringing his World Number 1 Title Tally to 5. Andrew Figliomeni was an immensely respected competitor - all around the world - he was literally unbeatable on a BMX bike.

Andrew would be sponsored over much of his career by Kuwahara Bicycles, and would appear on numerous television news stories, promoting the sport of BMX around the country. His world title wins would inspire a generation that followed, and he was without doubt the most successful male rider of the 1980’s.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Hall Of Fame Inductee - Andrew Figliomeni.

Career Highlights

1982 - 8 Boys #8
1983 - 10 Boys #2
1984 - 11 Boys #1, Jnr Cruiser #4
1985 - 12 Boys #1, Jnr Cruiser #8
1986 - 13 Boys #1, Jnr Cruiser #1
1987 - 14 Boys #1, Int Cruiser #1
1988 - 15 Boys #1, Int Cruiser #7

1983 - 10 Experts #1, Open 8-10 #1
1984 - 12 Experts #1
1985 - 13 & U Cruiser #1
1986 - 13 Experts #1
1987 - 14-15 Cruiser #4



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